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Much has been said about writing that it becomes difficult already to determine which ones are really the signs of a good writer. Some would say that the ability to evoke emotions through writing is a sure sign of a great writer while others negate this notion, saying that emotions are not really need to be put in the open especially as far as academic writing is concerned. Moreover, others would say that a good writer is someone well-versed with grammar rules and various English usages such as American, British, or Australian. Still, this notion is limited because it is not only the aesthetics that make a good writer.

So what really is a good writer?

Sure aesthetics such as proper grammar, proper language usage, and proper word choice are important when it comes to writing that is why mastery of the aesthetics is one, but not entirely, the mark of a good essay writer. Language usage is especially key here because the use of English is different in various countries. For instance, Australian English is different from American English that is why the writer must know the peculiarities of each. There are Australian English words that are different in usage that is why the writer must know such words perfectly.

More than style and aesthetics is the substance

Good essay writers must be able to reconcile aesthetics with deep content. Suffice to say, perfectly structured essays without thought-provoking content are useless. The primary aim of essays is to inform and if the writer lacks the ability to present information, then all effort would be deemed useless. This is the reason why the ability to make good use of language is very integral in being regarded as a good essay writer.

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